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JMLC began publishing in 1969.  Works appearing in JMLC are included in the Index to Legal Periodicals, Current Law Index, Social Sciences Citation Index, LegalTrac, PAIS, and OMNIFILE Full Text. JMLC is available electronically by subscription as part of the Hein-on-Line collection and EBSCO's Electronic Journals Service. The commercial legal data bases, LEXIS and Westlaw, offer subscribers only partial collections of JMLC. LEXIS (file name: MARLWC) purports to offer the contents of the JMLC since 1995 (i.e., Vol. 26, No.1 et seq.). Westlaw (file name: JMARLC) purports to offer the contents of JMLC issues beginning with those of Volume 27 (i.e., since 1996).

The texts of articles appearing in past issues of the JMLC are sometimes republished on the INTERNET by their authors, with the permission of the Journal. As they come to our attention, we will add them to the list of links offered below. Occasionally, other miscellaneous documents will be made available.


John R. Brown, Admiralty Judges: Flotsam on the Sea in Maritime Law, 24 JMLC 249 (1993), reprinted in 25 Hou. J. Int'l L 257 (2003), and available by that citation from LEXIS and Westlaw

D. J. Hill, Confirming House Transactions in Commonwealth Countries, 3 JMLC 307 (1972)
Boris Kozolczyk, Evolution and Present State of the Ocean Bill of Lading from a Banking Law Perspective, 23 JMLC 161 (1992)

James A.R. Nafziger & Ming Ye, China's Epochal Case: A Tale of Two Ships, 46 JMLC 515 (2015)

Henrik Ringbom, EU Regulation 44/2001 and its Implications for the International Liability Conventions, 35 JMLC 1 (2004)
Peter N. Swan, Client Counseling and Settlement Evaluation A Probabilistic Approach with Special Reference to Admiralty, 6 JMLC 531 (1975)

Barış Soyer, Sundry Considerations on the Draft Protocol to the Athens Convention Relating to the Carriage of Passengers and Their Luggage at Sea 1974
, 33 JMLC 519 (2002)

Alison M. Sulentic, Law and Morality in Patrick O'Brian's Post Captain, 34 JMLC 583 (2003)

William Tetley, Good Faith in Contract, Particularly in the Contracts of Arbitration and Chartering, 35 JMLC 561 (2004)

John Weale, The NYPE Off-Hire Clause and Third Party Intervention: Can An Efficient Vessel Be Place Off-Hire?, 33 JMLC 133 (2002)

Case Notes:

William Tetley, BILLS OF LADING:  Where both sides of the bill of lading differ, the charterer, not the shipowner, is the carrier, the shipowner may not benefit from a Himalaya Clause, and only a claimant with title at the time may sue the shipowner in tort.  Homburg Houtimport B.V. v. Agrosin Private Ltd. (The Starsin), [2003] 1 Lloyd’s Rep. 571, 2003 AMC 913 (H.L.)., 35 JMLC 121 (2004)

Book Reviews:

Tom W. Bell, Law and the Information Superhighway. By Henry H. Perritt, Jr. , 28 JMLC 185 (1997)
Graydon S. Staring, Marine Insurance Law: Six Recent Books and Some Questions About Reform, 37 JMLC 615 (2006)

Miscellaneous Documents:

China's Maritime Procedure Law, 1999
    an unofficial translation by Dr. K. X. Li.


Editor's Note: The April 2013 isssue (Vol. 44, No. 2) of the Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce includes an artice entitled Whale Wars: How to End the Violence on the High Seas, which discusses decisions by the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington and the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Institute of Cetacean Research v. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The decision of the district court can be found here: The decision of the appellate court, reversing the district court, can be found here:".